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In the Audio MIDI Setup app on your Mac, choose Window > Show MIDI Studio. In the MIDI Studio window, click the Choose MIDI Configuration pop-up menu (it may show Default), then choose New Configuration. Enter a name for the new configuration, then click OK. To add a new external MIDI device, click the Add button in the MIDI Studio toolbar Thank You For Watching This Video!Please leave a like if you like the video and be sure to share and subscribe!!Cable's Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NH.. Connect a MIDI keyboard to Mac with VicTsing USB Adapter - YouTube. MIDI Adapter on Sale: http://amzn.to/2rajpnpLearn how to properly connect your MIDI keyboard to your Mac using a VicTsing MIDI.

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HOW TO CONNECT MIDI KEYBOARD TO LOGIC PRO - macOS CATALINA - YouTube. Since the last macOS update, my midi keyboard was not being recognized by Logic Pro. After pulling my hair out, I finally. MIDI Keyboards Once you locate your Mac's USB port, connect the larger side of the USB cable to it. Then, plug the other side into a port located on the MIDI keyboard's rear. That should power up your keyboard..

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Connect a MIDI keyboard to Mac with VicTsing USB Adapter

You can connect the Magic Keyboard to your Mac via Bluetooth, assuming your keyboard is charged and turned on (check that the switch at the back of the keyboard shows green to be sure it's on). But.. Connect the MIDI interface to your computer. Be sure to follow the instructions that came with the keyboard, which may include installing the correct driver on your computer. Check the manufacturer's website for the latest driver software. If you're using a MIDI interface, be sure to follow the instructions that came with the interface Either a Mac or PC laptop or desktop computer can be used. MIDI data files are small and the utilities to copy them can run in something as old as DOS. A MIDI Interface is needed to connect the computer to the MIDI Player unless you are using a Yamaha instrument equipped with a TO HOST port. M-Audio USB Midisport Uno Midi Interfac 1) Assuming that you have the brand new MacBook Pro, you can connect your MIDI Keyboard by a USB Firewire cable directly into the back of the Keyboard. 2) Plug your *USB-C to USB adapter into your laptop. 3) Plug your USB Firewire into your *USB-C to USB adapter. 4) Now open Garageband

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For transmitting MIDI notes, USB-to-Host is the one you want. Whichever type of port you use, once you connect either a MIDI-to-USB cable OR a USB 2.0 cable to the back of the keyboard, the other end of the cable is the same. It's just a standard USB plug that you can connect to a USB port on your computer A third device can be connected to the MIDI Thru port of the second unit, and so on. The MIDI Thru port replicates the signals coming into the MIDI In port of the device. It is preferable to use a direct connection from the computer MIDI Out port to a device, rather than chaining too many units, one after the other You can enable any MIDI devices by following the steps below: From the top toolbar, click on the Options menu, then MIDI Settings. Under the MIDI Options window, proceed to the Input Settings. Look for your MIDI keyboard, typically labeled USB Audio Device, and click Enable In GarageBand on Mac, do one of the following: Connect the USB cable from the keyboard to your computer. Connect the MIDI Out port to a MIDI In port on a MIDI interface, and connect the MIDI In port on the keyboard to a MIDI Out port on the MIDI interface using MIDI cables

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How to un-pair your Magic Keyboard from your Mac. If you want to stop using the Magic Keyboard, you can simply turn it off. If you want to disconnect it, and have your Mac forget about it entirely, you can do that in Settings. Click on the Bluetooth icon in the menubar. Hover over Magic Keyboard in the dropdown menu. Click on Disconnect The piano has MIDI in/out/thru, but when I connect the keyboard to my Mac via a MidiMan USB, nothing happens. As I understand it, the newer MIDI keyboards and controllers have drivers preinstalled. Is there something I need to do with this older keyboard to get my Mac to recognize it? Any help or tips would be most welcome! Thanks, --B Your Mac's Audio MIDI Setup dialog box is displayed. Now, we'll add new devices. If you are using a device such as a MIDI keyboard for both input and playback, connect the outgoing arrow on the MIDI device to the incoming arrow on the MIDI interface, and then connect the incoming arrow of the MIDI device to the outgoing arrow of the MIDI. If the keyboard can generate its own sounds, you should also connect the MIDI Out port of the MIDI interface to the keyboard MIDI In port. If your MIDI interface offers more than one MIDI output, connect any other tone generators (or other MIDI devices, such as control surfaces that require bidirectional MIDI communication) to these

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Your MIDI keyboard gets plugged into the standard USB A input (as it would if going direct into your Mac or interface) and the extra female micro USB connector is used for a power supply if your. Studio One needs to recognize that your MIDI keyboard is connected to your computer before you will be able to use it. Install the latest drivers for your keyboard (if needed) and follow the instructions in the owner's manual before proceeding. Once your keyboard is set up, you can select it in Studio One, and start recording MIDI While MIDI keyboards are designed to connect to a computer, using a MIDI Audio Interface or amplifier can enable you to connect a MIDI keyboard to speakers or headphones. Once connected to an amplifier, you can practice and compose tracks before recording your composition via connection to your computer's MIDI software I have a Korg Trinity piano keyboard I wanted to connect to the mac for Garage band. The main outputs are red and white RCA audio cables. I was thinking of buying a an RCA to USB adapter. My two questions are; 1. Will this work? or do I need to use a different connection method? and is there a better way? 2 Some Yamaha keyboards have both USB audio and MIDI ports, while others have USB MIDI port or a MIDI port. Some models of the keyboard also have an auxiliary port. The information about the ports is also mentioned in the keyboard's manual so that you can connect the computer and PC. Connect the keyboard to the compute

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  1. 1. Go to the Options tab, click Preferences, then click the Link/MIDI tab on the left. 2. Locate your MIDI device in the Input section and turn the Track button to ON to enable it. Follow the same procedure for your MIDI keyboard output listed. 3. Press a key/pad to confirm you're getting MIDI signal
  2. g likely), and connecting it to that does make sense. That's why system:midi_capture shows up in the menu for that track
  3. All MIDI keyboards work with Soundtrap on Mac, Windows and Chromebook.If your keyboard has a USB MIDI output, connect it directly to your computer via a USB cable. If your keyboard only has old school 5-pin MIDI connectors you will need a separate MIDI interface to connect it to your computer.. Here are some examples of USB MIDI keyboards that work great with Soundtrap

How to Connect a Yamaha Keyboard to a Computer: 8 Step

Since all Casio keyboards have MIDI ports, a USB MIDI interface can easily be used to connect your Casio keyboard and your MAC using MIDI cables. Keep in mind that you have to connect the MIDI-out terminal of your keyboard to the MIDI-in port on your USB MIDI interface and the MIDI-in terminal to the MIDI-out port using the MIDI cables If you are on a Mac then the SNOIZE MIDI Monitor software does a similar job and they have nice documentation on their site on how to use it. It is also possible to test your MIDI devices if you navigate to Mac's Audio MIDI Setup Utility. MIDI Connections. If the above has not helped, then refer to our detailed post on MIDI connection

Mac MIDI Studio Setup How to configure your MIDI studio on a MAC using a MIDI interface. by Ron Tongue. Apple has done an excellent job in making Mac MIDI configurations quick and easy. Before you begin, you should make sure that your MIDI software is properly installed and all of your MIDI equipment is setup. Follow the steps below to begin You can connect a wireless keyboard to your Mac in the same way that you pair any other Bluetooth device: through the Bluetooth menu Bluetooth MIDI Connect for iOS Bluetooth MIDI Connect allows you to wirelessly connect your iPhone/iPad and KORG Bluetooth enabled keyboard (such as the nanoSTUDIO series and microKEY Air) even when using an app that does not support Bluetooth MIDI. This enables wireless connection for any app that supports Core MIDI

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MIDI devices can include keyboards, drum pads, alternative controllers such as guitar MIDI systems, and more. Although you don't need a MIDI controller to make music with Logic Pro, it's a lot more fun if you have a way to play software instruments. And trained players can make use of their skills to input music [ Most MIDI keyboards have 49 keys, but some have an 88 key configuration, meaning it has 88 keys. More sophisticated buttons allow you to control the velocity level to play distinct notes quieter or louder. Also, not all MIDI keyboards offer an after-touch, so check on this if you want to add instrument voice in your software

REQUIRED ACCESSORIES. To connect your keyboard to your computer, you first need to make sure your keyboard has either a USB port or MIDI ports.You will then need a corresponding cable to connect your keyboard to your computer: . If you have a USB port, you will need a USB A to B cable.. If you have MIDI ports, you'll need a MIDI to USB cable.. Check in the back of the keyboard for ports. You can connect a Magic Keyboard to your Mac through Bluetooth or using the Lightning port and charging cable.; The first time you pair your devices, you'll need to use the latter method, along. In energyXT you can connect one or more MIDI keyboards and playback and record instrument and drum tracks. Setup energyXT usually will setup the first available MIDI keyboard by default. If not go to File > Setup > MIDI and make sure your MIDI keyboard is activated by a checkmark At one time these keyboards had a special five-pin MIDI connector and required that you used a MIDI interface between the keyboard and Mac to make the connection. That's no longer the case. Most. In these situations you must decide which of your keyboards you want to use to 'play' the other devices. The chosen keyboard's MIDI output should be routed within Logic to the MIDI input of the appropriate project track, and then the track output routed to the software synth, or to the MIDI output to which you've connected the synth module

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I use Sib 7.5 on Mac with an M-Audio Oxygen 61 Keyboard. The transport-keys and the keypad-keys work fine (I use the transport-keys on the midi-keyboard for transport-remote and the program-change keys for the note-lenghts. But the mixer-volumes and faders don't Has someone an idea, how to manage it Using the controls on the sound module or the interfaced controls of your MIDI keyboard, choose a sound and test that playing notes on the keyboard triggers the sound module. Tips You can assign different controllers to different channels, allowing you to have several keyboards each creating their own unique tone, or each triggering different sound modules If you want to connect a MIDI controller to Garageband iOS, take comfort in knowing that it's really not that difficult. I've already written a full tutorial on how to connect a MIDI keyboard to Garageband which you can read here.. However, it's slightly different on Garageband iOS, mostly due to the adaptors Connect your MIDI keyboard to your sound source by USB or from the MIDI out of your keyboard to the MIDI in of your rack synthesizer. A USB connection handles both MIDI in and MIDI out data through a single line, whereas a unique MIDI port requires individual in and out connections If you want to change this assignment, open the Midi Channel drop-down menu from the Instrument's Header and select the MIDI Port and Channel you want to use for this particular Instrument. Note: when selecting omni as MIDI Channel, the Instrument will respond to all incoming MIDI messages, independently of the MIDI Port and Channel your keyboard or controller is set to

If your keyboard already has the USB-MIDI connection - many do - or you already have a USB-MIDI interface then you can already record MIDI. So all you need is an interface to record the sound. If your keyboard does not have USB MIDI, but has standard MIDI ports, then choose an interface with MIDI and Audio (both the Scarlett 4i4 or the Audiobox iTwo above have both) 2.Using a MIDI interface device and the Clavinova's MIDI connectors Making a connection Connect a MIDI interface device to the Clavinova's MIDI connectors using a special MIDI cable. IN OUT THRU HOST SELECT PC-1 PC-2 Mac MIDI Windows Macintosh MIDI OUT MIDI OUT MIDI IN MIDI IN MIDI OUT MIDI IN Clavinova MIDI interface MIDI interfac Once you have connected your USB or MIDI cable to its out ports on the keyboard, the next step is to attach the cable's opposite end to the computer. In the case of a USB A to B connector directly linked to the keyboard, connect the cable's other end to a port that is free on your PC Non-USB keyboards, however, will need a USB MIDI interface. In this case, connect the MIDI OUT port on your keyboard to the MIDI IN port on your interface using a standard MIDI cable, then connect the interface via USB cable to an available USB port. Turn on your MIDI keyboard and, if applicable, your MIDI interface

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Press OK to commit the changes. Your New Keyboard is now available for use in any Song. Below is a view of where the New Keyboard MIDI receive is set in your Song. Also, make sure to the connect audio outs from your external MIDI devices to the audio inputs of your systems audio interface so Studio One can allow you to monitor these devices This is the best MIDI keyboards for Mac and Logic Pro X 2020 Edition. With so many of us finding more time than usual this year to get creative and start new audio projects, not to mention that. The keyboard has only a USB output, so I used a USB to MIDI cable to connect the keyboard. But nothing happened. The keyboard did not work. So now I want to find out exactly how I can connect my keyboard to the sound card through MIDI inputs


  1. My keyboard is a Radium 49 key device with both usb and midi connectors. I was previously able to connect it to my firepod with the midi cable and Ableton could see it and everything worked great. Sadly, after updating my Mac OS the Firepod no longer works with my Mac which is why I bought the iOne (to get me through a quick project)
  2. Now that we are well in to 2017, we thought it was a good time to re-assess the MIDI keyboard situation for Mac users. We have some new contenders on the block that have pushed some old favorites.
  3. Audacity may not be capable of understanding MIDI directly from your MIDI keyboard, however, most phones or tablets are with the use of simple free apps. This means if we can find a way to connect our keyboard to out phone or tablet, we can use this as a way to translate MIDI into an audio file and record that into Audacity
  4. Using Wireless MIDI to Connect Your iPad or iPhone to Your Computer and Hardware Synths. by Chadwick Wood • May 15th, 2015 . This post is for people who are trying to get their iPhone or iPad apps to connect to their hardware synthesizers or controllers via Wi-Fi
  5. I have Apple Mainstage and I played around with using it on an old Yamaha I have at home. I have also used it with my Kurzweil that I play on stage, but I couldn't get the band interested in using a click track to sync it! What I do to set up for.
  6. Discover how to connect a MIDI controller to your computer. Use your digital piano or MIDI keyboard with your computer or tablet and DAW music production software. Test Your MIDI Device On Windows or Mac: Our Complete Troubleshooting Guide. November 15, 2020
  7. Use the MIDI cable to connect the MIDI interface to your computer. Once you've connected the two devices, open GarageBand on your computer and click on start a new project. Power on your keyboard and turn the volume down (so you can hear the sound emitting from your computer)

Connecting to a PC / Mac Computer or iOS Device from a Yamaha Instrument with 5-Pin MIDI I/O. When connecting an instrument with 5-Pin MIDI Input and/or Output ports to your computer or iOS device, a MIDI to USB Interface (like our UX16) or MIDI to 30-Pin Interface (like our iMX1) is needed respectively You can connect the Magic Keyboard to your Mac via Bluetooth, assuming your keyboard is charged and turned on (check that the switch at the back of the keyboard shows green to be sure it's on) Step 4 - Connect the MIDI Ports. Our final step in Audio MIDI Setup is to connect the MIDI ports between the keyboard and the MIDI interface. In my case, I have physical MIDI cables connected from the MIDI Out of the K2500 to MIDI Input Port 8 on the Express 128, and from MIDI Port 8 Out on the Express to the MIDI In on the K2500

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Use Your Computer Keyboard as a MIDI Keyboard You can use your regular QWERTY computer keyboard as a MIDI Keyboard to play virtual instruments and record musical data in Studio One. To do this, add a new device in the Studio One/Options/External Devices/Add Device menu (Mac OS X: Preferences/External Devices/Add Device), choosing the QWERTY Keyboard device from the PreSonus device folder I have an old Miracle piano Keyboard and tried to connect its midi thru Tascam USB122. But it is not being recognized by midi setup. I tried midi in and out cables. Then midi in to out only. Still doesn't work. Is it necessary to have a driver for the keyboard to connect. This is a very old keyboard. Mokemo

RTP-MIDI Connection. DIN-MIDI and USB-MIDI connections both have a significant drawback: you are limited to using only short cables - very short cables in the case of USB-MIDI. This can be a serious problem on stage or in a studio with lots of MIDI gear, especially when you need to connect a computer to a MIDI interface with a USB-DAW connection Using the Keyboard as Stand-Alone MIDI Controller. Please note that the default MIDI mapping is not editable. KOMPLETE KONTROL MK1. In order to use the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series as stand-alone MIDI controller, you have to disconnect the USB connection from your computer and use the NI Power Supply (18 W) In MIDI Ports, turn on Track and Remote for INPUT and OUTPUT for the Novation Impulse and on Output, turn on SYNC. Create a MIDI track and set the MIDI to in the IO section to the Novation Impulse, probably channel 1. Arm the track (Record button at the bottom). Now your keyboard should be firing off the MIDI notes in the track

Although MIDI keyboards can be very convenient, we've all run into the familiar and aggravating delay issue sooner or later, and it's time to shed some light on the problem. Very rarely does a latency issue lie within the MIDI keyboard itself Some MIDI keyboards can be relatively inexpensive such as the Midiplus AKM322 which is priced around $45, whereas other keyboards such as the M-Audio Code49 cost around $270. If you're new to producing music, it's probably best to just use the digital audio workstation's inbuilt virtual keyboard to produce music, until you are sure you're going to be producing music for the long run

MIDI data will be sent to MPK261's USB connection regardless of this setting. Aftertouch (Aft): This determines whether or not the keyboard sends Aftertouch messages (On) or not (Off). Important: Aftertouch refers to MIDI information sent when pressure is applied to a key after it has been played and while it is being held down Without your Mac. You'll need to connect your MIDI keyboard to a a device that can interpret the MIDI data that is always on, or that can be turned on fast and easily. There are devices designed to do this. You'll find them as sound modules, sampler modules, or synth modules MIDI Devices Preferences. Interface. The interface that Audacity should use through PortMidi. The available options depend on the OS, but there is only one option for each OS: On Windows, it is MMSystem. On Mac, it is CoreMIDI. On Linux, it is ALSA. Playback. Device: The MIDI device to play to The functionality and operation of the A-Pro keyboard and your computer-based application(s) will be the same no matter which type of connection you are using - the only difference is how the MIDI signals are routed. Connecting your A-Pro to a computer using the direct USB connection. 1. Simultaneously press the ACT button and the < button. 2 If you are using a Roland product via a USB connection to a Mac computer, please continue to stay with macOS Mojave (macOS 10.14) until the results of verification are announced. About the Compatibility of 32-bit Apps from Roland with macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15

Piano & MIDI Setup. Updated over a week ago MIDI Setup. Connect your instrument with your iPhone Having trouble being heard by your device? Connect your instrument to your iPhone via cable or BT for a more reliable recognition of notes. Written by Julian Connect your instrument with your PC / Mac So if your synthesizer has either a 'MIDI out' port or can be connected to a computer via a USB connection then chances are it can be used as a MIDI controller. As I have detailed in previous articles , if your synth only has a traditional 5 pin MIDI output and not a USB, and you want to connect to a computer or laptop Universal MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC. Introducing iRig MIDI 2, the first Lightning/USB compatible mobile MIDI interface that works with all generations of iOS devices, Android (via optional OTG to Mini-DIN cable) as well as Mac and PC.It features everything you loved about iRig MIDI but with even greater pocketability, connectivity and control I have exactly the same problem : The keyboard is not recognized by my mac. I post a ticket to Arturia, but I think they will no answer. I've bought 4 years ago an Analog Experience The Factory and I was exactly the same issue with the keyboard

To use it as a midi controller you need to connect a midi cable to the midi out jack on the keyboard and then connect the cable to a midi interface box, and connect that box to your computer with a USB cable. While the DGX-220 can connect directly to a computer via USB, I believe this is only to access the pre-made songs and lessons Mac. On Mac, you can use the IAC bus to create any number of virtual MIDI buses. This driver can be activated in the Audio MIDI Setup Utility. 1. Launch Audio MIDI Setup and select Show MIDI Studio from the menu. 2. Now double-click the IAC Driver icon and check the option Device is online in order to activate it. 3. You can rename the port if. What Midi Keyboards are Compatible with Garageband? There are lots of Digital Audio Workstations on the market. Chances are that you will sooner or later want to try out some new software for creating and editing your electronic music ideas. All of the Midi keyboard controllers that are mentioned in this review can be used with all the main DAWs A midi software or DAW on your PC or Mac; The USB to MIDI adapter cable would have USB on one end and three MIDI ports (MIDI in, MIDI out & MIDI thru) on the other. What you'll have to do is to connect the MIDI in of the cable to the MIDI out of your keyboard. Connect the USB end to an available USB port on your computer

As posted above, MIDI generates codes, you will have a list of them with your keyboard. If you want to hear the keyboard as you play, connect it to your MAc, choose new real instrument in Garage band (it's the image of a microphone stand) Double click on it and follow the instructions. I use logic, but have also used garage band How to connect synthesizer to computer Author: Marat Tanalin Published in English: 2015-11-25 Updated: 2016-12-27 Summary In-depth information on methods of connecting synthesizer or MIDI keyboard to computer; also, interconnecting devices equipped with different interfaces is described the keyboard has a MIDI driver that needs to be installed on your computer in order for the keyboard to be used as a midi controller; In MainStage the connection between your keyboard or midi gear and its parallel onscreen is called an Assignment. To make assignments to the keyboard, sustain pedal, and mod wheel in The Simple MainStage Template. Mac. Mac computers have a built-in virtual MIDI network. 1. To enable it, open Audio/MIDI Setup from Utilities and select Show MIDI Window from the Window menu. 2. Now click twice on Network to open the MIDI Network panel. 3. You can create a Session which will be seen by all machines/devices connected to the same network

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I'm actually a pianist with access to a lot of midi keyboards, and many years of practicing, so I have quite a lot of co-ordination in my fingers. I'm fairly new to CA and am learning to create movements to my children's songs that I've composed. My questions-1. What are the advantages of using a m.. MIDI-OX. MIDI-OX is a free application that is designed to help us manage our MIDI files/devices. This program gives us the opportunity to generate, record, convert, and compare MIDI data, monitor MIDI port activities, pass data stream from one device to another one, play notes using our computer keyboard, send/receive Sysex files, edit the received data, stop WScript and so on Important: Only MIDI and USB connections allows polyphony. When the KeyStep is set up with the CV/Gate connection, it can send only one note at a time. The global MIDI channel can be modified directly on the KeyStep by holding down the Shift button and pushing one of the 16 first keys of the keyboard

One can Setup keyboard for Apps in BlueStack to play Android games OR to use Android Apps. The process is easy and simple, you just have to follow the steps as available below for Using Keyboard for Apps in BlueStacks The MIDI OUT on the interface would connect to the MIDI IN on the piano, MAC or PC2. Only if you were using a NEC computer from Japan would you set it to PC1. If you are connecting MIDI cables to the standard MIDI ports, Select the MIDI Out Channel so that Keyboard and pedal data is where you want them Turn Your MIDI Controllers Into Lighting Instruments. Live and flexible control of your DMX lighting fixtures with MIDI controllers is now a reality. Lightjams customizes your MIDI to DMX mappings in a very unique and powerful way. Multiple MIDI controllers can talk to Lightjams at the same time, including keyboards, launchpads, pedals and drums Terry, depending upon the model of your Privia, you may be able to connect it directly to your computer with a USB cable. The most recent Privias are class-compliant, meaning that the USB port on the back (not the one for USB drives on the front, if it has one) can connect to a computer (PC/Mac/iOS) with no driver installation needed

For a keyboard to be compatible with Playground Sessions, it must have either a MIDI Out port, or a USB to Host port. Luckily, most Clavinovas have both. Here are the steps to connect your Clavinova to your computer using either port options The MIDI keyboard is one of the essentials in any studio, for amateurs and professionals alike. Here are 12 of the best you can get in 2021. The MIDI keyboard is a versatile tool of music production, and increasingly, the central hub of the studio Connect the V Mini to your computer using a USB cable. Note: V Mini is class-compliant which means that it will work with any modern Mac or PC without the need to download any software or drivers. Open MPC Software/Essentials ; If you want to view the Midi Keyboard, Select Tools and click on Show MIDI Keyboard Transpose: The keyboard's transposition (in half-steps). The available range is -36 to +36, with 0 as the center position (no transposition). MIDI to DIN: This determines whether or not MIDI data is sent to the MIDI Out (On) or not (Off). MIDI data will be sent to MPK249's USB connection regardless of this setting Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Linux (Ubuntu). Compatible with Apple iOS (requires camera connection kit) Nektar DAW Integration: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or higher. Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. (All other requirements dependent on the DAW software used, please consult the respective manual for further details) IN THE BOX. SE25 MIDI keyboard controlle

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard Alternatives and SimilarTutorial Dilicktal + Midilickuino via USB - e-licktronicThe Best Beginner Keyboard For Kids Casio CT-X700 - MomYamaha UD-BT01 Bluetooth Wireless USB to Host MIDI AdapterMidiplus Akm320 Driver Windows 10 - themesbomDetect My Keyboard - Pianu - The Online Piano That Teaches
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