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Peering anxiously at him was the broad, swarthy face of Uncle Ingemar. Penny inquired anxiously as she stopped the interne in the corridor. We anxiously waited until kalong and Ned could interpret for us. On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil war 147+15 sentence examples: 1. We waited anxiously by the phone. 2. Will he be all right?, Sabrina asked anxiously. 3. Paul paced anxiously backwards and forwards. 4. He is anxiously awaiting the result of the medical tests. 5. Are y anxiously in a sentence They are anxiously awaiting the 11 a . m . opening. A hopeful people wait anxiously for word of the new program. We're anxiously waiting to hear, So we say farewell to Doc and anxiously pull for Jennifer. McKnight painted two versions and waited anxiously for White House.

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Anxiously in a sentence. 91. Lorton, who had been watching anxiously, gave him a nod of approval. 92. Every day after the first two weeks I would look anxiously up and down the road, hoping to see their car. 93. I anxiously await its next issues and wish you the best of luck. 94 Sentence Examples With a nearly unreadable signature, Jerry signed his name and Anxiously took his seat at the back of the room, polishing his silver-painted tuba. 8. We are on the balls of our feet, like tennis players awaiting service, Anxiously twiddling our sticks. 9 Use anxiously in a sentence Her parents waited anxiously for her to come home that night. He anxiously looked around for her. Tim answered the questions anxiously anxiously adverb (WORRIED) B2. in a way that shows you are worried or nervous: We waited anxiously by the phone. More examples. My little nephew anxiously asked who would babysit him if I wouldn't be there. They peered anxiously out the window at wind and rain. She paced from room to room anxiously Usage Note: Anxious has a long history of use as a synonym for eager, but some prefer that anxious be used only to describe those who are worried or uneasy, as in the sentence He's anxious about his upcoming surgery. The acceptability of anxious to mean eager has been increasing, however

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  1. In a manner resulting from or revealing anxiety
  2. use Anxiously in a sentence Families of the airline passengers waited anxiously for news of the plane crash. We are waiting anxiously what's gonna happen. The students were anxiously waiting for the results of their final exam
  3. anxiously. adverb. /ˈæŋkʃəsli/. /ˈæŋkʃəsli/. jump to other results. in a worried or nervous way. to ask/look/wait anxiously. Residents are anxiously awaiting a decision. Questions about grammar and vocabulary
  4. or bodily changes. 122. I'm anxious for her to do as little as possible. 123
  5. More example sentences. 'Meanwhile, he is wide awake, anxiously pacing about his garden.'. 'Thereafter she always inquired anxiously about the health of her students.'. 'He sits quietly, anxiously waiting for me to begin my questions.'. 'I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next volume.'
  6. High quality example sentences with waiting anxiously for in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in Englis

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Examples of Anxious in a sentence Sylvia was anxious to finish her speech since getting in front of a large crowd of people made her tremble. Ricky's first sleepover at a friend's house made his sheltering mom anxious with the thought that something bad could happen to him. The Tories are anxious not to upset anybody these days, even thugs and criminals.: She is becoming nervous and anxious but there are still four people in front of her.: It offers an advice service to older Irish people who are living abroad and repatriates those who are anxious to return home.: There are physiological repercussions from constantly being anxious about calls from creditors or a. How to use anxiously waiting in a sentence Looking for sentences with anxiously waiting? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Each player is focusing on the task ahead, anxiously waiting to get his hands on the red ball. He sits quietly, anxiously waiting for me to begin my questions Anxious in a Sentence. example sentences. He's very anxious. Don't be anxious about me. The mother was anxious about the well-being of her son. He looked anxious, don't you think? She is anxious to relieve them of their sufferings. I am anxious for my sister's safety How To Use Anxious In A Sentence? The further he withdrew from the seat of his power, the more anxious he became. I was anxious to seize every opportunity of sounding the feelings of these singular beings. Having secured the good things of this world, he began to feel anxious about those of the next

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  1. Example Sentences for anxiously The young bride waited anxiously for her future husband to enter the church. Thousands of Americans waited anxiously for news of loved ones who were working in the World Trade Center at the time of the terrorist attacks. The students were anxiously waiting for the results of their final exam
  2. Anxious definition, full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried; solicitous: Her parents were anxious about her poor health. See more
  3. Anxiously in a sentence | anxiously example sentences. I anxiously waited for help. I looked at them anxiously. Wei Cheng En anxiously said. Or into bold hands anxiously. Angie looked at her anxiously. I looked at Kennedy anxiously. Henry looked at her anxiously. Ottilie looked at him anxiously
  4. anxiously Sentence Examples. She watched anxiously as he read her temperature. 956. 338. He watched anxiously as she dialed the number
  5. Definition and high quality example sentences with anxiously in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in Englis
  6. Yes, the word anxiously is an adverb.An example sentence with the adverb is: he waits anxiously for the results of the exam. What is a sentence for anxiously? He anxiously awaited the decision.

anxiously. To say that I was anxious would have been an understatement given what was at stake.. Adverb for very eager or concerned to do something or for something to happen. The clock was ticking, and I was anxious to get started before time ran out. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ anxiously sentence in English faizi14256 faizi14256 14.12.2020 English Secondary School Anxiously sentence in English

Translation for 'look anxiously' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations We are eager and so we wait anxiously. The emphasis is on waiting, which is why the word waiting comes first. We are waiting albeit a bit anxiously. I have found that when I wait anxiously it is usually because I am waiting for something good to happen. I wait anxiously for packages that I have ordered to arrive High quality example sentences with I anxiously ask in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in Englis Sentence examples for i remember anxiously awaiting from inspiring English sources exact ( 1 ) The series has a hallowed place on my bookshelf, I listened to the books on tape, and I remember anxiously awaiting the release of the latest movie or book anxiously translation in English-Swedish dictionary. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies


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  1. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Anxious in Example Sentences Page 2. 70729 I am anxious about your health. CM 311753 She is anxious to visit Europe. CK 305470 They are anxious for your help. CK 22869 We are anxious for world peace
  2. Sentence examples for anxiously anticipate from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 5 ) keenly anticipate. forward anticipate. anxiously await. anxiously anticipated. anxiously expected. exact ( 3 ) There are asymmetries of concern: We may regret the past, but we anxiously anticipate the future..
  3. all of a dither. bricking oneself. in a twitter. all of a doodah. all of a lather. in a twit. like a cat on a hot tin roof. waiting for the axe to fall. apprehensively expecting
  4. d, too many things can go wrong, and if anything goes wrong, they are doomed. From Huffington Post. Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression as well since anxious thoughts can lead to depression and depression can lead to nervous thinking. From Huffington Post

You would use the word anxiously to describe how someone was feeling.For Example:She sat anxiously in the waiting room.He wrote his answer down anxiously Who will use anxiously in a sentence? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2011-04-29 02:44:56. I am waiting anxiously for the buss to come at the bus stop. 0 0 1.

Write a poem about the vaccine to earn money for your community uneasy feeling worried or unhappy about a particular situation, especially because you think something bad may happen or because you are not sure that what you are doing is right. Patterns. worried/ concerned/ nervous/ anxious/ uneasy about (doing) something. worried/ concerned/ anxious for somebody/ something Definition of anxious written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels

collected, cool, easy, happy-go-lucky, nerveless, relaxed. 2 marked by or causing agitation or uncomfortable feelings. the whole crowd seemed to make an anxious gasp as the home team almost fumbled the ball Give me a sentence about anxiously Anxiously quotes from YourDictionary: 'Fan her head!'the Red Queen anxiously interrupted. 'She'll be feverish after so much thinking.

Yes, the word anxiously is an adverb.An example sentence with the adverb is: he waits anxiously for the results of the exam Full of anxiety or disquietude; greatly concerned or solicitous, especially respecting something future or unknown; being in painful suspense;—applied to persons; as, anxious for the issue of a battle. I could tell she was anxious as she was biting her nails Hold your breath - If someone is holding their breath, they are waiting excitedly or anxiously for something to happen. I went for second interview today - now I'm holding my breath! Ignorance is bliss - This expression means that if you don't know about a problem or unpleasant fact, you won't worry about it wanting to do something or wanting something to happen. bir şeyin olmasını ya da yapmayı heyecanla isteyen, bekleyen, endişe duyan. [ + to do sth ] He's anxious to get home. [ + that ] I was anxious that no one else should know Translation for 'wait anxiously' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation shar

With anxiety or apprehension; we watched anxiously [] Anxious(p): eagerly desirous; anxious to see the new show at the museum; dying to hear who won [] (anxious) causing or fraught with or showing anxiety; spent an anxious night waiting for the test results; cast anxious glances behind her; those nervous moments before takeoff; an unquiet mind [

ansioso/sa [ masculine-feminine ] an anxious morning waiting for news una mañana ansiosa esperando noticias. anxious about driving ansioso por conducir. eager for sth to happen. ansioso/sa [ masculine-feminine ] anxious to start a family ansioso por formar una familia But everyone seems to prefer hopefully as a sentence adverb ('Hopefully, you'll get the hint and take me out to dinner').Some traditionalists disparage the vogue for hopefully as a sentence adverb, calling it 'one of the ugliest changes in grammar in the twentieth century.' Others see in the demise of 'I hope that' a thoroughly modern failure to take responsibility, and even worse, a.

Here are 20 interesting adverbs of manner, along with example sentences for each. Try to create your own example, too! anxiously. The adverb anxiously can mean in a worried/nervous way or in an impatient way, wanting something to happen. The mother watched anxiously as her child crossed the street alone. = in a worried wa Italian Translation of anxiously | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases

Explain grammatically why one sentence is incorrect and the other sentence correct in the following pairs of sentences. Underline the errors: a. I saw a great many rodents on the prairie last month, the sheriff tells us while lighting up a cigarette. b. I saw a great deal of rodents on the prairie last month Use the adverb 'anxiously' in a sentence - 6365651 amolhadpe amolhadpe 25.10.2018 English Secondary School answered Use the adverb 'anxiously' in a sentence 1 See answer amolhadpe is waiting for your help. Add your. Translation for 'watch anxiously' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations Find 98 ways to say ANXIOUS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus The husband of a British woman detained in Iran does not know if she will be freed once her sentence ends on Sunday. British-Iranian dual national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been detained in.

Waiting for the storm to stop I was anxiously looking out the window. ? Waiting for the storm to stop, I was anxiously looking out the window. Which of the following is correct? ? The table was set -- knives, forks Is this sentence correct? Since you drew the short straw anxiously translation in English-Esperanto dictionary. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies anx·ious (ăngk′shəs, ăng′shəs) adj. 1. Uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event or matter; worried. 2. Attended with, showing, or causing anxiety: spent an anxious night waiting for the test results. 3. Usage Problem Eagerly or earnestly desirous. [From Latin ānxius, from angere, to torment; see angh- in Indo-European roots.] anx. Husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe 'anxious' she won't be freed when prison sentence ends on Sunday The official end of her five-year detention is on 7 March 2021, but it is not yet clear.

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Family anxiously awaits sentencing of driver responsible for deadly 2019 crash If he doesn't serve his full sentence, I feel like it's an injustice in my daughter's name Find 4 ways to say NERVOUSLY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families. The Word Anxious in Example Sentences. Page 2. 70729I am anxiousabout your health. CM311753She is anxiousto visit Europe. CK305470They are anxiousfor your help. CK22869We are anxiousfor world peace anxiously. •Sentence (b) is correct: •Inversion is notnotnot possible in reporting clauses when the subject is a PePrn ('she'). MEV §12.2.2 MEV §12.2.2 . a. He fractured his leg when he fell off the ladder. b

having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy Svensk översättning av 'look anxiously' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online

Rewrite the sentences. Change the direct speech to indirect speech, and the indirect speech to direct speech. 1. My sister anxiously stated that if we were late, we might miss the show. If we are late, we might miss the show, stated my sister anxiously. 2. My mum reassured her not to worry because there was plenty of time to get there Read the sentence. The father-to-be (anxiously) awaited the news of the birth of his first baby. Which answer correctly describes the bolded word? The word anxiously is an adverb describing to what extent. The word anxiously is an adjective describing how much. The word anxiously is an adverb describing in what way Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'anxiously': Break 'anxiously' down into sounds : [ANK] + [SHUHS] + [LEE] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you... Record yourself saying 'anxiously' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. You'll be.

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en. Peace too is the fruit of love: that interior peace, which weary man seeks in his inmost being; that peace besought by humanity, the human family, peoples, nations, continents, anxiously hoping to obtain it in the prospect of the transition from the second to the third Christian Millennium. vatican.va. la Web Definitions for 'anxiously': With anxiety or apprehension; we watched anxiously [ source ] Anxious(p): eagerly desirous; anxious to see the new show at the museum; dying to hear who won [ source Sentence Examples for anxiously. She watched anxiously as he read her temperature. How to use anxiously in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of anxiously Example sentences with anxiously, translation memory. MIZAN. You do like them, don't you? she said anxiously, after a bit. gv2019. Afghans are anxiously waiting to hear anything regarding the results of the elections. hunglish. He took to wandering further afield and more often by himself; and Merry and his other friends watched him anxiously Find an answer to your question sentence from anxiously sultanaruhi4500 sultanaruhi4500 Yesterday English Primary School Sentence from anxiously 2 See.

I anxiously await for my girlfriend. She looked anxiously across the room, hoping to see him.|I waited anxiously for the test to begin. She watched anxiously as she read her temperature Anxiously meaning in Urdu is فکرمندی سے and Anxiously word meaning in roman can write as fikarmandi say. There are several meanings of the Anxiously word and it can be used in different situations with a combination of other words as well

I anxiously waited for my test results :)|He waited anxiously for her to arive.|I was anxious about the performance. Anxiety is an emotion, so it can be used in many ways He anxiously awaited the results of the test. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random Unanswered Leaderboard Related Topics Sentence and Word. Focus your English learning on sentences with arrive. Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important? Sentences are more than just strings of words. They're thoughts, ideas and stories. Just like letters build words, words build sentences. Sentences build language, and give it personality. Again, without sentences, there's no real communication And in Europe start slowing, the consensus is they are going to slow pretty Nastily, that is going to have a major knock-on affect to Asia. 34. Translation for: 'Nastily' in English->Arabic dictionary. 35. Trump again attacks Mueller, says report was 'Nastily' written by 'true Trump haters' Geobeats

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anxiously in Kurdish Kurmanji translation and definition anxiously, English-Kurdish Kurmanji Dictionary onlin waiting anxiously in a sentence and translation of waiting anxiously in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.co Examples of patiently in a sentence: 1. Si patiently repeated the explanation. 2. Dolly sat patiently by the bedside. 3. He waited patiently until the passion of weeping was over

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  1. Definition of anxiously in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of anxiously. What does anxiously mean? Information and translations of anxiously in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  2. Examples of pull in a sentence: 1. Only there was nothing to pull it. 2. We shall not stop to pull this scheme to pieces. 3. Jessie and I had risen at daylight to pull them
  3. In part, it depends on the structure of your sentence. As we will see, waiting and awaiting are not always interchangeable, depending on how you use them in context. What is the Difference Between Awaiting and Waiting? In this post, I will compare awaiting vs. waiting. I will use each word in an example sentence, so you can see how it looks in.
  4. for sentence construction are charted for student reference. Teachers may write the daily sentences and words of the week on the white or blackboard, chart paper, or on sentence strips, whatever works in the individual classroom. What's important is that children can see and refer to each of the weekly sentences throughout the week
  5. Anxious Meaning in Urdu. Translation is baychayn and Anxious synonym words Apprehensive, Dying, Nervous, Uneasy and Unquiet. Similar words of Anxious are also commonly used in daily talk like as Anxiously and Anxiousness. Pronunciation roman Urdu is baychayn and Translation of Anxious in Urdu writing script is بے چین
  6. We waited anxiously by the phone. I thought he was treated very badly. Adverbs of Degree. Usage: Shows how much, or in what degree or to what extent of qualities, properties, states, conditions and relations. Example words: Almost, fully, rather, quite, too, enough, perfectly, Example sentences: I am fully prepared. I am rather busy. She's.
  7. Brandon watched anxiously as his homemade volcano erupted because redoing the project was out of the question. What is the gerund phrase in the sentence? answer choice

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Q. Read these sentences from Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog. The dog was beautiful, but his sharp face reminded me of a wolf's. I grabbed mama's kimono and stepped behind her, just in case Congress, White House anxiously await verdict in Derek Chauvin trial April 20, 2021; The U.S. embarks on a huge climate reset April 20, 2021; Judge upholds 20-year sentence for former South Carolina officer who killed Black man April 20, 2021; Bitcoin (BTC USD) Cryptocurrency Price Mania Tested by Coinbase, Falling Prices April 19, 202

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